Boggle Rules

Boggle is one of my favourite word games. And it can be yours too, once you know how to play.

The object of the game is to find as many words as you can on the board within the time limit to attain the highest score. Boggle can be played solo or with as many people as you can convince to play.
I use the Boggle Master 5×5 grid, as opposed to the standard 4×4 grid. Makes things more…interesting…that way.

The Rules:

  1. Chain adjacent letter die together to make wordsExample
  2. Words must be four (4) letters or longer
  3. Each successive letter in a word must be adjacent to the previous letter, be it horizontally, vertically, or diagonally (see image at right)
  4. The same letter die cannot be used in the same word more than once (but may be used in multiple words)
  5. Proper nouns, acronyms, abbreviations, contractions, and internet lingo are not allowed
    1. Consult the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary for the definitive list of accepted words
  6. Each round lasts for three (3) minutes


  • When playing with others, any words found by more than one player are scratched off those players’ lists
  • Words not found in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, or not accepted by other players, are scratched
  • Singular and plural forms of the same word count as separate words
  • The letters QU, although on one letter die, score as two separate letters
  • Each permitted word scores the player points based on its number of letters:
Letters Points
4 1
5 2
6 3
7 5
8+ 11


  • Aside from the nonpermitted words, everything else is game: don’t forget prepositions and jargon, even olde English words (like thee and thou!)
  • Progress around the board in small sections; find a cluster of letters and work them until you’ve exhausted all possible letter combinations
  • Use common letter combinations to spark word ideas, such as th, sh, ch, and tr
  • Look for ways to alter words you’ve already found, such as adding ed, s/es, or ing
  • Look for words within words; sometimes the larger words will jump out first, and then you can see what smaller words they contain (eg. trout contains rout)
  • Don’t forget to travel across the board

Mixing It Up:

  • Don’t use a timer, and try to find all of the words on the board
  • Limit the permitted words based on a theme, such as:
    • Names of people or places only
    • Names of food or drinks only
    • Names of movies or books, and their characters only
    • Professional jargon only (like medical or technical words)
    • Internet lingo only
  • Words must be five (5) letters long or more
  • A player who challenges another player’s word, and is wrong, loses two (2) points
    • Or, the incorrect challenger must take a shot/drink
  • Play multiple rounds with others; the player with the lowest score each round has to remove a piece of clothing (or take a shot/drink)

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